Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day, a day which is to celebrate humanities political correctness of pretending that humans care about the Earth, the Earth, which is filled with paved roads, skyscrapers, and cars the emit massive amounts of gas, toxic water sources, genetically modified foods, and every other poison that society creates. Humanity pretends to care about the Earth by throwing their garbage in the trash on one day, as if it matters. The paved roads that people throw their trash on IS the trash can, society is the trash. Society is the trash that needs to be removed.

FUCK YOUR EARTH DAY! There, I said it. If you didn't get the point, let's stop pretending that it makes a difference or that anyone cares. Humanity sucks, and remember, WE ARE ALL PART OF THE HUMAN SPECIES!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Myth of Sisyphus/Materialistic Animals

The Myth of Sisyphus/Materialistic Animals
Man is so ignorant in their ways. Thinks the meaning of life is to achieve an untouchable task. Arrogant of the fact that the goal itself is meaningless. Pointless life, never ending cycle of hopelessness. Trying to obtain something that brings no happiness. A supposedly spiritual race of hateful animals. Worthless species, spreading their negativity throughout the world.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is a Terrorist?

What is a terrorist? According to government a terrorist is a feminist, a black panther, an anarchist, Emma Goldman, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King (who is now worshiped only to persuade people into buying into this “good black vs. bad black” idea), among others. Now what does government consider a terrorist? Apparently, if you look throughout history a terrorist is anyone who fights for their individuality, or in other words, anyone who fights against the status quo, anyone who dares to take action against authority. However, apparently cops fire bombing a town of people known as MOVE for nothing more than trying to live peacefully by their own law, not harming anyone, not bothering anyone. Apparently killing men, women, and even children for simply trying to live, is not terrorism. Basically what government is trying to tell us is, killing people is not terrorism, but fighting for your individualism is. Maybe next time you sit in front of the television screen, you might want to question how they use the term terrorism.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Direct Action vs. Passive Activism

Sorry, been going through some things lately but I'm trying to write again, it feels a little shaky after so long, but hopefully it's a good read.

Whenever a certain individual is being prosecuted, beaten, or having their “rights” taken away from them, history usually shows this type of behavior leads to a revolt. A couple examples would women and blacks. These people throughout history were treated as if they were not human, animals, not worthy of respect. These people had to actively fight against authority to gain their rights; they had to go through abuse and torture, even being killed in order to gain their rights. Even in the 60’s and 70’s blacks were still fighting to show people that they are just as human as a white man or woman. Even 40 years ago blacks were constantly beat for nothing more than the color of their skin and even beat more so for simply trying to fight those people trying to degenerate the African race.

In modern society we still have many problems, no one will deny that. For one example, factory farms are still a problem. Now, in theory I strongly agree that the way factory farms treat animals is cruel, no doubt about that. However, the probably doesn’t lie in what they believe, it’s how vegans, for example, practice it. They lose my interest when the comment comes up, “Eating meat is morally wrong.” For I would ask, how does one go from factory farms being cruel to animals to eating meat is wrong. In my view, these are two completely different subjects. On the other hand, I fully support small farmers.

I believe that as in the example of vegans, people today are being manipulated into this PC style mindset that simply having an idea is going to change something, when that can’t be farthest from the truth. In fact, simply having a belief and doing nothing about is going to change nothing. What happen to that direct action that feminists and black panthers took to free their people? Sure, it took them a long time; sure, they were beaten and often killed. But if not for the spirit and action of these people, nothing would be different. And this is exactly what’s going to happen if people keep this attitude of passive activism, nothing is going to change, NOTHING. Keep on sitting on your couch and not eating meat while watching sitcoms, but nothing will change, no matter how much you bullshit yourself, nothing will change. What changes how we live are people that are willing to take direct action, people who are willing to protest, and if need be, do something like destroy factory farms. The problem doesn’t lay in the eating meat, the problems lays in with how animals are treated my big corporate businesses.

Paul McCarthy once said that if factory farms had glass walls everyone would be a vegan, which to I say, if factory farms had glass walls, then everyone would stop supporting factory farms, and hopefully, destroy factory farms from operating, and then going back to eating food from small farmers.

This, of course, is just one example. But everywhere I look, everything continues to happen in this passive activism form. People hold themselves on high horses by simply telling people something is wrong, but no one is willing to do anything about it. No cares when it’s time for them to go and do something about it themselves. So do we really care about changing the future or are people just trying to make themselves feel better? If it’s the latter, then this is very sad, but if it’s the other, if people really want to make a change, then people need to realize to go outside and do something about it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vegan Diet Experiment

Vegan Diet


Nuts/Seeds: All nuts and seeds are accepted with the exception of cashews and peanuts.

Fruits: All fruits are accepted. Try to stay away from high GI fruits and eat fruits in moderation. High GI fruits include bananas, watermelons, and pumpkins.

Veggies: All veggies are accepted. Include a large amount of greens.

Other: Olive oil, coconut oil, green tea as well as other teas, unrefined sea salt, peppers/pepper, and any type of nut oil such walnut oil or hemp oil.


Protein sources (these are all must as it’s important to get not only complete proteins but essential amino acids as well as branch chain amino acids):
Hemp protein
Soy protein (make sure this is fermented and NOT genetically modified)
Rice protein
Branch Chain Amino Acids
Essential Amino Acids

Fats (EVERYONE in the world today is lacking omega-3, our ancestors ate lots of omega-3 and so should we. Non-vegans can take high doses of fish oil, but for vegans here are some alternatives):
Flax Seed Oil (make sure this is from a trustworthy company and in powdered form and processed properly as flaxseed generally goes rancid very easily)
Hemp Oil
Walnut Oil

Multi-Vitamin (essential for everyone)
Vitamin B12 (get this in liquid form as it’s more natural and the body absorbs it better. Remember that meats are the ONLY foods that contain Vitamin B12 so I wouldn’t make this a must have in general, but for vegans it is)
Calcium/Magnesium (essential for everyone)
Vitamin D (MUST HAVE if you do not get a good amount of sun on a regular basis)
Zinc (another thing that’s not typically a must have for non-vegans as multi-vitamins supply a good amount of it, but considering that zinc is mostly found in meat this is a good thing to add for vegans)
Vitamin C (essential for everyone)
CoQ10 (essential for everyone)


Nuts/Seeds: 8 ounces daily
Fruits: 8 ounces daily
Veggies: 1 lb daily (try to eat mostly greens)
Other: 4 tablespoons daily, 4 tablespoons coconut oil, ½ gallon green tea (on top of a gallon of water daily), sprinkle unrefined sea salt on food throughout day as well as pepper seasonings and/or peppers
Try to get all foods raw, organic, and if possible, from local farms so that it is fresh.

Protein Supplements:
Use either hemp protein, rice protein, or soy protein (or rotate them which is a good idea so not to develop allergies). Take 120 grams of either a day separated into 2-4 servings per day. Hemp protein is highly recommended is main source of protein. (TrueProtein is a good source)
BCAA’s: 45 grams per day  (TrueProtein, BulkNutrition)
EAA’s” 45 grams per day (TrueProtein, BulkNutrition)

Fat Supplements:
Use either flax seed oil, hemp oil, or walnut oil as a main source of omega-3 consumption (again not a bad idea to rotate the fats so not to develop allergies). Although, it would be a good idea to keep flax seed oil as a main source of omega-3 as it’s pure omega-3 and it’s not a good idea to supplement yourself with a lot of omega-6 as the diet already contains a lot of that already. Supplement with 12-20 grams of omega-3 a day, start with 12 grams daily, work up to 16-20 grams daily. TrueProtein is a good source for the Flax Seed, for hemp oil and walnut oil Vitacost is good)

Other Supplements:
Multi-Vitamin (Now Foods brand from BulkNutrition)
Vitamin B12 (liquid bottle Now Foods brand from BulkNutrition): one drop = 1 mg
Calcium/Magnesium (Now Foods from BulkNutrition): 2,000 mg calcium, 1,000 mg magnesium
Vitamin D (Now Foods from BulkNutrition): 3-5,000 IU
Zinc (any brand from either BulkNutrition or Vitacost that is 15 mg)
Vitamin C (either True Protein or Now Foods from BulkNutrition): 2,000 mg per day (if want to dose more that is ok, up to 6 grams per day is good)
CoQ10 (NSI from Vitacost) 200 mg split into two dosings

Putting the Plain into Practice:
4 ounces walnuts
4 ounces sunflower seeds
4 ounce apple
4 ounces strawberries
8 ounces spinach
8 ounces broccoli
4 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons coconut oil
½ gallon green tea
1 gallon water
120 grams hemp protein
45 grams BCAA’s
45 grams EAA’s
20 Flax Seed Oil
2 caps Multi-Vitamin
1 mg Vitamin B12
2 grams Calcium
1 gram Magnesium
3-5,000 IU Vitamin D
15 mg Zinc
2-6 grams Vitamin C
200 mg CoQ10
Overall: Calories – 4,189, Fat- 308.8, Carbs – 97.9, Protein - 267

Although I do feel that if people follow this strictly they will be healthy and can gain muscle mass as well as strength, the one problem is it is PRICEY. Who has the money to take 120 grams of hemp protein every day for example? Not the average person. I’ll stick to my cheap meat in the meantime. As you can see it is very possible to keep carbs low, and calories high with a vegan diet as long as you’re rich enough to spend the money on supplements. I believe that the protein can stay low as long as the BCAA and EAA supplementation stays high. If not for the BCAA and EAA supplementation then the person would need to raise protein quite a bit depending on circumstances such as level of lifting as well as bodyweight.

Another note worth mentioning is that I thought a vegan based diet would add more unsaturated fats and lower the saturated fats. Not true. My meat/plant based diets are generally 20% saturated fat, 40% polyunsaturated fat, and 40% monounsaturated fat. In other words, 50 grams saturated fat, 100 grams polyunsaturated fat, and 100 grams monounsaturated fat. The diet I laid out had a high amount of nuts, so that may be why. The plant based diet listed above was 72 grams of saturated fat, 108 grams of polyunsaturated fat, and 68 grams of monounsaturated fat. This may show that as long as you are eating fresh unprocessed meats, the fat quality is still good, if not better than many plant based fatty foods.

This was not the only problem I found with the diet. Meats are generally higher in Vitamin A, and this diet was low in Vitamin A, so supplementation is needed in that aspect. All the other Vitamins turned out to be really abundant (and Vitamin D and B Vitamins mostly because of extra supplementation). Although Vitamin D is mostly provided by sunlight, so that is excusable. What this shows is that vegan based diets only provide a good amount of Vitamin C, E, and K.

The Vitamins were not the only problem; the minerals were also low as well. For example, I think the magnesium was about one gram too low (and most of the nutrients again came from supplementation). While magnesium is highly provided by plants, a lot of calcium comes from meaty foods. Iron ironically was also low, about 20 mg too low. Meats are also largely abundant in potassium, so I would probably want to double the potassium levels in the diet, which again means another supplement to add. With this diet only 28% of the RDA was provided when it comes to salt, but this can easily be fixed by using salt on foods. But it just goes to show that meats are the main sources of salt. Even after supplementation the zinc level were still slightly low. I would raise them about 10 more mg. There are probably a lot of other minerals that were low as well; almost every mineral was low with this diet. Meats are the main sources of most minerals as well as B Vitamins and Vitamin A, as well as a good source of unsaturated fats, calories, and protein.

To end the experiment, the fats were not exactly healthier just because of changing to a plant based diet from a meat based diet, although the ratios where still very healthy. I personally would like the protein to be higher, and that’s when already considering that most of the protein comes purely from supplementation. Obviously, plenty of fiber was provided with this diet, actually, over 60 grams. As far as the micro-nutrients, massive supplementation is needed for the micro-nutrients, as well as protein, fat, and calories, which is obviously not affordable for the average person.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Politicians and How They Answer Questions (may add more to this later)

Legalizing weed was the NUMBER ONE topic that people asked Obama about, which he just jokingly passed off stupid.

Obama will fuck up the country more than Bush. The only reason he goes halfway on things like cannabis is because politicians know that the people are sick of seeing their fellow men and women being abused by fascist laws. But he's not going to actually do anything about it, he'll just say things like, "Well I won't put medical patients in jail (which he does), "I won't close down dispensaries" (which he does), and then he'll say, "But I think we need to look at our laws and see what needs to be done" (which he does nothing about), and then he lays it down as, "Oh, but I don't think legalization is the answer" (which is actually the only promise he has held). It WILL get worse with every president from here on out if we allow this sort of action to continue.

Basically, it's all bullshit. That's what politicians are there for, to bullshit people. They are against topics when they know people are against it too. When people are supportive of things like cannabis, they go halfway because they know some people still dislike the idea, and they also know that they won't actually do anything about it, so they do these in between answers that don't really answer the question asked in the first place.

What the people need to realize is it's all bullshit, people need to realize to stop putting hopes in these spokesmen and women and to take some damn direct action. Revolution is but thought put into action.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Worthless Degree

I come to college
with the hopefulness of learning
But I tell myself that art
comes from within,
not learning from someone
And even if I do pick up
some tidbit of experience
at what cost?
At the cost of a few hundred grand
A few hundred grand
that will take me the rest of my life
slaving day after day
to finally pay off
Then, at what price is the worth
of learning
if I cannot experience
what I’ve learned